1370 Kythorn – Uncle Reggie is found dead, supposedly the result of a botched burglary attempt on his premises.

1372 Eleasias 2 – Ashton Arn and his adventuring party bring the Crown of Amaunator to Rhyster’s Matins in Silverymoon. A pillar of fire bursts from the altar and burns away the darkness which had enveloped The North. The darkness was a result of Shadovar magic, as the Shades were magically melting the High Ice, trying to revitalize the
Anauroch, and render it fertile once more. The resulting burst of Lathander’s light damages the mythallar of the
City of Shade, and dispels the darkness.

1373 Tarsakh – Arnold discovers Reggie’s hidden journal in a secret pouch of his uncle’s belt, implicating him as a Harper, with a mission.

1373 Mirtul – Arnold arrives in Silverymoon.

1373 Kythorn – Hedge and his brother discover the map and family tree.

1373 Flamerule 15 – Ashton arranges the “secret” audience with Lady Alustriel. Arnold receives further evidence that Uncle Reggie was a Harper agent.

1373 Eleasias 1 – Hedge and his party are attacked in Ascore. Pern is afflicted by the Blackness (Shadow-Death).

1373 Eleasias 7 – Just over a year has passed since the “Lightbringer” earned his name. Hedge appears in Silverymoon, asking the “Lightbringer” for help. Hedge discovers that a dark haired, fair-skinned maiden was asking questions about Ascore some weeks ago.

1373 Eleasias 8 – The party departs for Ascore.

1373 Eleasias 10 – The Hill Giant encounter. First encounter with Old Goddy’s Snakebite Ale.

1373 Eleasias 11 – Arrival in Sundabar. Party stays at the less than ideal Griffon’s Claw Inn. Guardsman Finn grants party entry. Tavish Finn (Old Dwarf) turns out to be Goddy’s partner and gives Ashton and Arnold a tour of the brewery. A dark-haired maiden with a Raven tattoo, named Cerynn, passed through the area and was headed for Citadel Adbar.

1373 Eleasias 14 – Arrival at the Wildland’s Rest, and Inn at The Fork. Cerynn was not seen at the Inn.

1373 Eleasias 15 – Arrival at the Stair of Sorrow. The party camps in the ruins of the ancient gatehouse and keep atop the cliff overlooking desert. A winged creature–possibly a wyvern messenger from the suspected lich Telkoun–is spotted flying at night towards the ruins of Ascore.

1373 Eleasias 16 – A worm of gargantuan proportions attacks the party and almost digests Hedge and Shen. A sandstorm hits as the party approaches the ruins where Hedge’s party fell, and where Pern fell into the Black Pool. The party enters the catacomb/cavern below the ruins and encounters Shadovar and an extradimensional creature. The temple within is cleansed of evil, and the portal to the Plane of Shadow is closed.

1373 Eleasias 18 – Ashton’s unfortunate adventure at the Wildland’s Rest.

1373 Eleasias 22 – Following their discovery (and destruction) of a Temply of Cyric in Deadsnows, the party moves on to an old Dwarven mine southwest of the Hospice of Morthammor. There they are beset by a demon, almost eaten by a dragon, and finally unleash a cataclysmic disaster by opening one box too many.

1373 (unknown) – The party awake in the extraplanar lair of a mixed family of evil aberrations, having been experimented upon for an unknown period for an unknown purpose. They slay the aberrations, and discover their foe Mayzine the Shadow Dragon. Ashston brings her back from certain death, and she repents her evil ways in gratitude, although without losing her draconic attitude.

1374 Kythorn 14 – Plunging through a portal back to their own world, the party falls into a massive crater where once the Dwarven mines were found. Shen is killed, and Tip carried off, by a gargantuan Shadow Spider.

1374 Kythorn 15 – Tip frees himself, and the party fights off pursuers.

1374 Kythorn 20 – After further adventures (strangely confused in Arnold’s mind by the subsequent imbibing of excessive celebratory mead), the group makes its way to Silverymoon.

1476 Spring – Arnold and Tipwill awake in a mysterious cell together with a comatose Andrew (Arnold’s brother), and three previously-unknown companions. They have no knowledge of where the past century has gone…



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