How time flies…

ShinzuBreathing deep, Shinzu begins to tell us her tale of adventure, traveling from Kara-Tur to the Anauroch in search of Memnon’s Tomb… a long journey through the darkness where she encountered many Netherese and their allies (some of whom died at her hands), as well as friends of the light who were able to help her.

The Netherese Empire has surrounded and threatened my home with their campaign of conquest.  When first the ancient cities were raised, the Netherese appeared to be returning home from their Shadowy realm, but soon thereafter their true desire was revealed…conquest.  The Shadovaar rulers of the great floating cities were not content with a simple return to their long-lost homes, they were bent on conquest, and so the Shadow Wars begun.

As Amaunator took his place in Silverymoon , the Three slowly perished and their protections over their beloved Faerun disappeared.  The Shadow-Goddess Shar took the opportunity of this Sundering of the Pantheon to consolidate power and divine allies, thus began the Great Darkness.  Over the years, the Great Darkness grew until the World itself was shrouded as the barrier between this plane and Shar’s Domain became weak.    With the dimming of the light, the Shadovaar’s powers grew, as did their ranks with allies crossing from the Shadow Plane.

Decades passed and the Netherese conquered kingdom and country, mountain and valley, continent and ocean.  Still the people…some people remain strong.  Pockets of resistance can still be found, for the people are still good, but few have the power to face this Darkness, and those that do are often captured and placed in camps where they await execution after long questioning, or…worse.  A fate I suppose we have just been through.

Now, 100 years after the appearance of Shade, my Master, Xian Go the Enlightened One, one amongst the good denizens of this world who dares to fight against the dying of the light, discovered arcane knowledge that leads him to believe an answer to the Netherese conquerers lies hidden in Memnon’s Tomb.  Thus I was sent forth, for what has been done must be undone.  This great Evil of the Netherese must be stopped, and so, I must find the Tomb of Memnon.

I asked her the last date she remembered:

It was the spring of 1476, by the reckoning of the Dale, as I remember it.

Over a hundred years after Tipwell and I were in Waterdeep….


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